The Snake Charmer

Aamir Khan is one of the most popular and influential Bollywood actors in India. Until recently, he was part of an industry accused of denigrating women and encouraging sexual violence. Yet in 2012, Khan’s career took a strange turn. Together with a childhood friend, he created a TV series which became the first prime time TV show in India to expose the country’s most critical social issues –from rape to female feticides and dowry killings. The Snake Charmer follows Khan on a journey through India’s TV and Bollywood film industry, as he attempts to change the way Indians perceive and treat women.

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Nina Maria Paschalidou



Politics and Current Affairs; Society and Human Interest; Arts and Culture

Rights: Selected territories

Produced by Forest Troop, Anemon Productions
in co-production with Al Jazeera & ERT

Cyprus, Greece

English, Hindi, Bengali
English subtitles available

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2017 (Greece) – Youth Jury Award for Best Film
Porto Femme International Film Festival 2018 (Portugal) – Official selection

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