The Landscape Within

The Filipino body-painter and photographer Eric “Nui” Cabales struggles to find new directions after the death of his beloved father. On this journey through grief, Eric finds purpose in the things he loves most: the island Kayama, where the river and the sea meet, the landscape of his family’s memories and the inner source of his inspiration. Embark on a lyrical journey, a search for belonging and a story of healing through art.

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Andrea Capranico



Arts and Culture, Society and Human Interest

Rights: Selected territories

Produced by Andrea Capranico and Darlene Catly Malimas


Tagalog, English and Hiligaynon English and Italian subtitles available

Singapore International Film Festival 2015 Official Selection
Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival 2016, Philippines Official Selection
Byron Bay International Film Festival 2016, Australia Winner Best Photography
Asia Apollo Film Awards 2016 Winner – Award Best Sound Design (feature films)
Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards 2016 Winner – Award of Excellence

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