The Five Senses of Egypt

Amongst Arabs, Egypt is known as the ‘Mother of the World’, the cradle of the most ancient civilization in human history. The Five Senses of Egypt is a five-part documentary series, presenting all the aspects of a culture that is turning the glory of its past into a vibrant contemporary creative scene.
Egyptian artists, writers, musicians, designers, who have become the avant-garde of Middle Eastern culture, guide us through a journey along the Nile, unveiling the most peculiar features of contemporary Egypt’s creativity and the debt it owes to the country’s abundant cultural heritage. Visual arts, cooking, fashion, music and more form the components of an immersive experience appealing to all five senses.

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Sandro Vannini

5 x 52’

in production

Arts and Culture, Society, Travel and Discovery

Rights: Worldwide

Produced by LaboratorioRosso


Arabic and English, with English subtitle

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