The Graphic Novels of Vittorio Giardino

Rebels and Spies

With his books translated into 16 languages and published in 5 continents, Vittorio Giardino has gained universal acclaim as a master of the contemporary graphic novel. Over the years, his work has been depicting the twentieth century through his heroes’ adventures: Max Fridman, a spy steeped in the dark days of the Spanish Civil War; and Jonas Fink, a young Jew struggling to survive in post-war Communist Czechoslovakia. The artist opens the doors of his studio, giving exclusive access to his storyboards and preparatory works for the first time, and participating in the animation of his drawings. An opportunity to enter the world of an award-winning author endowed with exceptional narrative and graphic powers and, through his work, to rediscover Europe’s troubled recent past. The last book of Vittorio Giardino has just been released (January 2018).

Data sheet

Lorenzo Cioffi



Arts and Culture, History

Rights: Worldwide

Produced by Ladoc


Italian, French, Spanish, Czech
with English subtitles

Biografilm Festival International Celebration of Lives 2018 (Italy) – Audience Award Biografilm Art&Music

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