Life of Marzouk

Marzouk’s marriage is falling apart. For the past 20 years, the Tunisian-born musician has been living in Italy, where he married a local girl, Elvira. At her request, he is reluctantly attending marriage guidance counselling sessions, but they seem to be going nowhere. Marzouk and Elvira have two little children, Alia and Jamal. He talks to them in Arabic, in a determined attempt to foster their “Tunisian half”. One summer, he takes them on a trip to his hometown of Tebourba. While the children seem to relish the new adventure of immersing themselves in their dad’s culture, Marzouk is going in the opposite emotional direction, experiencing a new sense of estrangement from his own land, after so many years in exile. In the end, can he belong anywhere, anymore?

Data sheet

Ernesto Pagano

52’ / 61’


Society and Human Interest

Rights: World, except France, Italy, MENA

Produced by Ladoc with Rai Cinema, in coproduction with Dublin Films, France Télévisions and Al Jazeera Documentary Channel

Italy, France

Italian, Arabic, French
English, Italian and French subtitles available

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