A Mother's Journey into Parkour

Être et Durer

Why on Earth should a mother allow her son to jump off a rooftop? Never mind his juvenile compulsion to confront his own limits and overcome fears; what about her own visceral terror that he may come to harm? In many ways, Serena is no different from most Italian mothers, except that her teenage son Lorenzo is a “Parkour” fanatic. And Parkour consists in using every prop, objects and buildings in the urban landscape as part of a high-risk athletic and acrobatic obstacle course. At every jump, at every somersault, bones may be crushed…

In Être et durer Serena goes on a journey to discover how mothers from other cultures deal with parental Parkour anxiety. Is the extreme sport a stage on their children’s road to self-awareness and adulthood?

Data sheet

Serena Mignani

52’ / 73’


Society and Human Interest, Arts and Culture, Sports

Rights: Worldwide

Produced by Imago Orbis


Italian, English, Chinese, Arabic, French
English subtitles and voice over available

Biografilm Festival 2017 (Bologna, Italy) – World Premiere
India Cine Film Festival 2017 (Mumbai, India) – Jury Prize for Best Feature Documentary

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